What is DIOnavi. Full Arch?

It is a fixed implant system that can restore the function of an entire arch with 4-6 implants.

Digital treatment diagnosis to maximise accuracy with minimal pain.

Less discomfort and quick recovery with minimal incision.

1) Natural feeling teeth

With fixed artificial teeth, you can smile knowing you have a more natural looking dentition.

2) Not shaky or discomfort like dentures

Since it connects the gum, bone and artificial teeth, it is well fixed in the mouth, reducing anxiety.

3) You can eat on the day of the procedure

Since it connects straight to the gum and bone, it is fixed well fixed into the mouth, reducing anxiety

4) Enjoy again all the food that your denture prevented you from eating them!

Before and after

DIOnavi. Full Arch

Procedure Costs

USA normal cost for 2 archs $50,000 USD
México normal cost for 2 archs $25,000 USD

Dionavi. Full Arch
for 2 archs $12,000 USD

*Valid until May 31st, 2021*

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